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Jimmy Barrett - Senior Pastor

Bro. Jimmy was elected as the Senior Pastor of Sunny Hills Baptist Church March 1st 2020. Saved at the age of 14, he has been preaching since the age of 17. He has been married to his wife Pamela since 2003.


Bro. Jimmy has a sincere desire to see souls saved and still believes God is able to save, send revival, and do a great work in this present day.  "I have always loved the Woodbury/McMinnville area, and I am amazed and humbled that God would allow me to now Pastor and minister in the area of Centertown and the surrounding communities." says Bro. Jimmy.


Our Pastor seeks to earnestly preach the Word and rightly divide the Word of truth. He desires to truly be a Pastor the dear people at Sunny Hills Baptist Church, not to simply preach and teach a few times a week. 

"I love the rich history that Sunny Hills Baptist Church has, and the stand it has taken over its years of existence. Years ago back in 2006, Bro. Richard Haley (who was then the Pastor of Sunny Hills Baptist) called me, after having heard me preach on a radio broadcast. He asked me to come to Sunny Hills and preach a three day revival meeting. It was the first revival meeting I ever preached, and since that day Sunny Hills Baptist has always had a special place in my heart." 

Bro. Jimmy and the people of Sunny Hills feel the future is bright! We would love for YOU to come and be part of what God is doing here at Sunny Hills Baptist Church! Feel free to contact our Pastor if you have any further questions or if he can be a help and blessing to you.

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